Another Modern French Bridge

Another Modern French Bridge

This bridge is famous for being the tallest bridge from valley floor to top of pillars anywhere.  As Rolf Harris said when painting (almost), ‘do you know where it is yet?’ Yes, it’s the Millau Viaduct which opened to traffic in December 2004 and was about 15 months old when we were there.

In 2006 we were heading to the south of France and phoned a potential B and B stop. The owner kept referring to a viaduct which we would see. We should have known what it was, but we were taken by surprise by the sheer scale of the thing.

The word we used to describe the ability to plan and make such a structure was ‘audacious’. That still seems the right words for this elegant, wonderful structure.

Even from a distance, you can’t get all of it framed in a camera.

It is altogether a hugely tall bridge. Those are the tall pillars and you could all but fit the Eifel Tower underneath the roadway and up to the top of the suspension towers makes it higher than the famous Paris landmark.

For those with a need to know, 343 metres is about 1125 feet or nearly three times the height of the cliffs at Beachy Head.

High above a huge lorry and trailer can be seen on the Millau Viaduct.

It really is an amazingly elegant structure.

It looks good by night as well.


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