Genealogy or getting to some delightful places.

This is Macclesfield Forest Church in Cheshire on a cold February day in 2002. If you look carefully you can just make out my wife peering at a grave which probably records the passing of a Mottershead or Lomas – names of her ancestors.

But really, genealogy hardly matters. It’s a biological fact that I had 16 great great grandparents. Does knowing about them make me a different person?

And that, of course, makes discovering family history an ideal occupation. We can enjoy the thrill of the chase as we seek information about long dead ancestors secure in the knowledge that we can enjoy what we discover and it won’t actually matter much. I am an avidly keen genealogist. And if it gives you an excuse to visit beautiful places like Macclesfield Forest, then I’m all for it.

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4 Responses to “Genealogy or getting to some delightful places.”

  1. Brandy Heineman Says:

    Isn’t that how hobbies, interests and passions enrich us, though? By sparking something unique within us that is more than functional or practical? I think some things that don’t matter on the one hand contribute to a life well-lived on the other. 🙂

    That’s a spectacular photo. Thank you for sharing it.

    • locksands Says:

      Thanks very much. My wife and I are lucky with our family history for most of our ancestors lived in beautiful parts of England. Try Kent, Sussex, Dorset, Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Cheshire and rural Yorkshire. All places with fabulous countryside. Yes, we also have bits of inner Manchester and Bristol which may not be perceived as beautiful, but they are full of interest. WEven my nerdy railway interest proved to be a fantastic way to learn geography and social history.



  2. ljhlaura Says:

    One thing I love about family history is that it takes me to places that I otherwise might never have thought to go. Lovely photo.

    • locksands Says:

      I love that too and we are so lucky with the places we can visit whist seeking the ancestors. We are also lucky (I think) to live here in the UK – a small country with so many different styles of scenery it beggars belief.

      Thanks for the comment and well done with your blog.


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