A Nerd in 2012

Many a time, on this blog, I have looked back to the past. And so I am today, but the past I look back to was only yesterday. For yesterday, Thursday November 29th 2012, a steam train was due to pass quite close to my house. This is nothing incredibly unusual. Indeed the blog header I have used (so far) shows a steam train with a ‘black 5’ and a King Arthur class within my home parish. For this steam train I looked to the same location with the train on an embankment.

At some point soon I shall make a comment about the expense of photography in times past. By comparison, photography is now very cheap. I decided to have two cameras – neither of them amazingly special. One I would stick on a tripod and allow it to take a movie of the train. The other I would use for my still shot. If I had an all singing camera like my son uses then I’d have been able to press the shutter and taken half a dozen pictures in rapid succession. I have to make do with one shot. And in truth, my location really only had one place to take that shot.

It is always good to get some practice so I didn’t mind when a freight train from the Somerset stone quarries passed by.

That’s a still from the movie. I was set up for a train in the opposite direction so the loco is away in the distance. But here’s a still with the other camera.

Actually, it’s confession time. I am clearly not nerd enough. I do not know what class of diesel loco this is. I shall stick my neck out and suggest a class 59. Somebody is sure to tell me if I’m wrong.

But for me this was just the warm up act. I had a chance to make sure both cameras worked and I could manage the two of them. Ten minutes later, the steamer came. This was not just any steam loco. This was Tornado which was built in 2008 and after trials hauled her first main line train in 2009. She has been on my local line once before but I made a complete hash of photos.

There’s my still photo which I can zoom in on just a bit. Tornado was certainly steaming well.

Ah yes. Tornado has recently been repainted in a blue livery once carried by her class mates some 60 or so years ago.

The video is uploaded to YouTube. Click here to see it.

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