A Railway Carriage at Bembridge

I love the Isle of Wight. It was a place I visited in the 1960s to get tickets from Ryde and travel the vintage delights to Ventnor and Cowes. This was more than mere train spotting. It was a desire to enjoy the travel and the wonderful scenery of the island. I still enjoy trips to the island.

However, today we are looking back to 1969. The Southern Vectis bus rover tickets allowed you to reach places the railway no longer got to, and one of these was Bembridge. And there, on the beach, was an old railway coach in use as beach huts.


Bembridge had once been served by trains – at the end of a short branch line from Brading. The station and line closed in 1953.

I don’t know much about this carriage. It might have come, originally, from the Metropolitan Railway. Once again I appeal to blogland for help with more information.

I believe there are still railway carriage beach huts at Bembridge

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2 Responses to “A Railway Carriage at Bembridge”

  1. My life in Tickets (10) | Locksands Life Says:

    […] And of course, like so much of the island, the area is delightful and pleasing. And who knows you might still find the old railway carriage I snapped in the same area (click here). […]

  2. Isle of Wight Carriages | Locksands Life Says:

    […] I think the Isle of Wight Steam Railway have done a fantastic job. The train I travelled on in June 2015 could have come straight from the 1960s (or earlier). It was hauled by a loco that worked on the island in the 1960s and was composed entirely of carriages used 50 years ago as well. I know that at peak times the line can bring out its set of 4 wheeled coaches rebuilt from a very poor condition. Many of these old island coaches had ended their days as beach huts. I have featured one on this blog with a photo I took in 1969. Click here. […]

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