Veules les Roses

Veules les Roses is a small village on the Normandy Coast. It boasts what it calls the shortest river in France. It’s a river and village where you can enjoy a stroll. They are good at renewable energy in France and have been for years. The little river Veules – just over a kilometre long, is well utilised for power, but also for agriculture, with watercress beds near its source and then wheels all the way down to the sea. This picture comes from my first visit in 1998. I must have bought a bigger memory card for my first digital camera for I was using high resolution which gave me images of 640 by 480 pixels.


Yes, it’s one of the wheels. It had been very wet and there was some flooding in the village.


That’s a road – not the stream.

I love looking at badly translated web sites about France. Here’s a bit from which probably makes perfect sense in French but not when computer translated.

His celebrities Veules-les-Roses keeps the memory of the great loyal heart of beautiful minds, the masters of French comedy and fine arts who were able to find – create and launch its beach.

(The site does admit that machine translation isn’t always wonderful!)

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