A scene from childhood

Here’s childhood in 1952. It isn’t me though. It’s my brother.


From the nerd point of view maybe the elderly trike is of interest. It was a venerable machine without a doubt and it passed to me when my brother moved on to two wheels. He was 20 months older than me. Sadly, he died young – as a young adult, already married and with two children.

My brother probably never knew – I certainly didn’t – how poor we were as a family. After the second war ended my dad decided to go to university so we were living on a student grant – Dad, mum and we three children. I learned after of the usual student panic. The grant had been spent by July and it would be the start of October before any more money arrived. But I had no idea’ I only knew that Dad did some private tuition – presumably enough to keep the wolf from the door. I had the happiest of childhoods.

The scene, by the way, is Ifield Green. There was clearly money for photography with processing all done at home.

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One Response to “A scene from childhood”

  1. Carol Says:

    Love your blog, you’ve got some great photos on here!

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