Imber – Then

Every now and then a little gloom must fall into the life of a happy nerd. Imber can create that feeling that not all is right with the world but maybe things are improving, albeit close on 70 years too late for some people.

Imber was a remote and rather pretty village set in a valley high up on Salisbury Plain. The little rhyme about the place goes:

Little Imber on the Down
Seven miles from any Town.

This is Imber as was.


It was a friend’s granny who lived in the marked cottage. This photo is taken from the West, looking in to Imber village. The terrace was known as The Dring. I cannot be sure, but these could be amongst the old cottages replaced by newer, drier but more soulless properties in 1938.

The War Department had all the land around Imber but it came as a shock to all when, on 1st November 1943, the authorities announced that the residents of Imber must be gone with all their possessions by 17th December.

There was a war and the residents had no option but to leave.

They all said they were promised they could return when the emergency was over. That never happened.

But from time to time people can visit what now calls itself Imber. We’ll take a look at that tomorrow.

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