Meet the relative – Alf Ware

Alfred Leslie Ware was born in Tonbridge, Kent in 1897. His parents were William Thomas Ware who was a stoker on the South Eastern Railway and Sarah Jane (née) Kesby. Alf was their third child, but certainly the first conceived after their marriage.

Like many a young man, Alf joined up to serve in World War I as soon as he could (or possibly sooner). We have a very battered photo of the family which includes Alf.


My cousin did a good job of tidying up this photo.


Sarah Jane and William Ware stand in the middle. Then, starting with the lad on the left and working clockwise we have Ron Ware, then Reg Ware, William Ware, Cis Ware, Alfred Ware and Beryl Ware.

Reg Ware was my grandfather. The others are my great uncles and aunts. We can see that Will and Alf are in uniform but my grandfather, Reg, is not. I’m guessing this was 1915 or 1916. Alf had signed up and was about to leave and Will, the oldest chanced to be on leave. Grandad, Reg, joined up before he was old enough.

Sadly, Alf didn’t come home.

Gunner A L Ware 77693, “D” Bty. 161st Bde. Royal Field Artillery died in action on Tuesday 26th March 1918 and is remembered with honour at the Bac-du-Sud British Cemetery, Bailleulval, Pas de Calais, France.

I haven’t traced the military life of Alf so we are working on a bit of guesswork. I can guess that he might have been involved in the battle of Bapaume or Arras for they took place at the right time and are close to Alfred’s burial place, the Bac-du-Sud cemetery at Bailleulval. The cemetery is totally for those who fell in 1918 in that area and includes 640 British casualties, plus 48 Canadians and 55 German soldiers.


Here’s the cemetery.

And here is Alf’s memorial stone.


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2 Responses to “Meet the relative – Alf Ware”

  1. A postcard that moved me | Locksands Life Says:

    […] Virtually all of the family postcards I know of concern my dad’s family.  However, when I visited a cousin on my mum’s side recently I found I was holding a card which made me feel tearful. It was a picture of four soldiers of the First World War, one of whom we have actually looked at on this blog – my Great Uncle Alf Ware. […]

  2. Jan Revell Says:

    My grandmother was Emily Masters, half sister to William Kesby-Masters.

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