Cheap Records

Was six old pence – 6d – cheap for a record in the early to mid 1920s? That old tanner (6d) in 1925 has about the same purchasing power as £1.20 today. It puts the old record in the right kind of range to be cheap. I believe a CD single costs an average of a couple of quid – more than the inflation corrected old record price. Mind you an MP3 can be bought for an average of 70p which is rather less.

My cheap old record is a ‘Little Marvel’


Here we have the entire record which is of the song, ‘I Want to be Happy’ from the show ‘No, No Nanette’.  Artists performing don’t get a mention. The record is small at a mere five and a half inches diameter. The vinyl singles of my 1960s youth were 7 inches in diameter.


Little Marvel records were made from 1921 to 1928. So this disc must be 90 years old, about and it still plays.

Most people, if they call these old records anything, might call them 78s thinking that was the number of spins a minute the record made. For Little Marvels, however, the designated speed was 80.


There we see the speed given as 80 and we also note that Little Marvel had to pay ½d duty for the right to use this popular song.

The other side was non-copyright so has no duty. It means we can see the Woolworth W logo of the day.


What a great little piece of history that is – and if you want to know more about ‘Woollies, I got some information from an on-line museum dedicated to Woolworth at .

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