Tile Cutting

I do not endorse products. Actually, I quite dislike adverts and, in particular, what gets called advertorial matter. You know – those articles which look like genuine content but turn out to be exhorting you to buy items you never knew you needed. So I shall mention no product names, even though I am going to say that one particular purchased item proved to be a total god-send.

A while ago we bought some tiles. My wife is pretty good at tiling and we never imagined any particular difficulty. But we encountered one. All went well enough until we needed to cut the first tile to fit round an electricity socket. Out came the little hand tile saw. Yes, it cut it, but oh so slowly. Something over an hour later an inch had been cut. Next, the cut at right angles had to be done – and that was two inches long. The time taken was absurd and absolutely soul destroying.

As a trial, we cut an old tile we had spare from a previous job. It was no problem. Our new tiles caused the difficulty.

We needed something a bit beefier.

A local DIY shop offered diamond tipped edge cutters for hire at £35 per day. Then we found one we could buy for £45. The trouble was that the nearest store with the device as that price was just over 20 miles away.

We decided to make a morning of it. We went via a country route and enjoyed the scenery and purchased our own cutter.

On our return, we deviated to a garden centre. We wanted a new plum tree and were able to purchase a golden plum – a bit like a greengage.

And then it was home to assemble the tile cutter and try it out.

Wow! It works.


And here it is. Yes, it sprays its cooling water about but it does, so far, a lovely job.

Whether we’ll ever need it again, I don’t know but a stalled job has become possible again.

And how’s that for a good right angle cut?



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