The Funeral of William Hall

William Hall was a family great grandfather. He died in 1907 so nobody alive now actually knew him. There are few records, but the Cornubian newspaper did publish a report of his funeral.

William was born in the Camborne area of Cornwall and as a young man he went down the mines. Like many of the Cornish miners, he tried his luck overseas and perhaps he made good. On his return to England he married and soon had a drapery business in Redruth.

This is a photo taken of the microfilm reader in the Cornish Studies centre in Redruth. Considering, it really is quite clear.

image002 image004

As a genealogy source, this gave us names to consider and other things to ponder when we first found this, back in 2002. There are absentees from that list of mourners. Where was Grace, his widow and where was our Granny who’d have been about 19 at the time? We suspect they were there, but as ‘mere women’ weren’t deemed worthy of a mention. If that’s the case I’m sure we can all be pleased that times have changed. Another alternative – more awful perhaps, is that women just didn’t attend for it was a Masonic funeral. It would be good to get a better understanding of this. Can anyone out there advise?

Other names needed investigation. Dunstan, we were able to discover was the maiden name of William Hall’s mother. William Hall’s wife had been a Miss Williams before marriage. Edward Williams, as the article suggests, was her brother. T and C Williams were the sons of another of her brothers, Christopher who died in 1900.

I fear we still can’t make sense of the last four words of the chief mourner paragraph – ‘Peters, James and Uren’

A different newspaper, The Cornish Times, recorded the death of William.


At least we have a widow and daughters acknowledged. No names are given, though.

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