62 Wick Street

This was the address of Great Aunt Nellie and her husband Frank. It’s an odd address for there are only a handful of houses on Wick Street which is in Firle, in Sussex. Rather, it is the 62nd Firle estate cottage and it happens to be on Wick Street. For Estate workers, Frank and Nellie did well in housing terms. 62 Wick Street was a pleasing and quite large cottage with a substatial garden. It allowed our Mr and Mrs Toms to be enterprising, finding extra ways to make a little money.

Frank and Nellie married in 1905. At that time 62 Wick Street was under a thatched roof.


We can see this picture is captioned as 1912 or 13 and as well as the house we see Nellie with her two boys, young Frank and Arthur.

I’d guess that Frank tiled the cottage himself, when the time came.


Nellie had a small shop and was able to provide teas. Wick Street was the main road from Brighton to Eastbourne so there was passing traffic.

This photo of the house is actually a postcard and Nellie sent it to my Gran. That looks like Frank down near the house.


I think this card was posted in 1924. The blue writing was my dad’s.


Now to the 1953, the only time I remember visiting the house, for Nellie moved in with her widower son soon after, to help him with child rearing. Frank had died in 1952 so I don’t remember him.

Here’s my sister being given some sweets. Nellie still had her little shop.


I visited the house some fifty years later and this was the front door then.


But what I really remember from that early visit was the pump in the garden. My brother and I had a whale of a time with it.


Fifty years on the pump was still there, but looking a little sorry.


These are happy memories of a happy home, presided over by a wonderful old lady.


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2 Responses to “62 Wick Street”

  1. chmjr2 Says:

    You always do a great job with your blog. And as I have said before you have great photographs.

    • locksands Says:

      Thanks for the lovely comment. And once again I can confess my luck to have the records I have. It comes from being a third generation hoarder! What my poor children will actually do when the time comes, I shudder to imagine. I think family information and records will be safe, but my personal junk? Oh well, it won’t be my direct concern.

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