My Childhood home

I was born in a fabulous old cottage near Wadhurst in East Sussex but at the age of 10 months my family moved to a rather more prosaic establishment at Ifield in West Sussex. During my 1950s childhood Ifield became a part of the New Town of Crawley, but old Ifield survived and here we see some photos I took in 2009.


The right hand one of the pair of semis was my childhood home. The front looks much as it always did, except for that white fence. The windows have been upgraded as well. When my dad moved to a larger house just across the road he took the old house name with him. New owners decided the new name for the old house should be…


…‘The Shambles’.

Just across the road from the old homestead was the village shop. It is still there and running as a shop which seems almost amazing in this day and age. There are many internal changes, but externally, it looks just right.


The petrol station has gone – but the building is still in use – in 2009 it was a wedding dress shop.


There was no road called ‘The Tithe’ in my day. That was the works entrance to the little factory where (I think) ball bearings were made.


The local pub, The Royal Oak survives more or less unchanged as well although I have a memory of a tree where the picnic style tables are, with a circular seat built round it. Pubs were off limits in my family. They were seen as dens of iniquity.

The bus stop – I remember the shelter being built – was opposite the pub.


From there we had a choice of two bus services into Crawley. In early days one was Cumfy Coach service 33 which ran through villages from Horsham to Crawley. When London Transport took over the route it became service 852. The other route went through villages from Horley to Crawley and was London Transport route 426. Buses on both services were old or interesting – but I didn’t take any photos.

What facilities we had, all within 50 yards or so of our home.

Perhaps some time I’ll look a bit further afield at modern Ifield.

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2 Responses to “My Childhood home”

  1. Carol Says:

    not been on my blog for ages but been enjoying looking back at your posts. Love all the interesting old things you show on here. Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Ifield – Then and Now | Locksands Life Says:

    […] You can see more of my village street by clicking here. […]

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