My Scissors

My Scissors

That title should read MY scissors. We have loads of pairs of scissors in the house but this one pair – actually not very special – I regard as mine.

I bought them at Leclerc’s hypermarket at Bayeux in France back in 1991.


This was our first ‘real’ abroad holiday with children and at that time a French hypermarket was a revelation. We all seemed to fall in love with the stationery aisle and 22 years later, I still regard these scissors as mine and feel edgy if other people use them.

Going back to childhood, another pair of scissors was mine, for I bought them at a jumble sale in the 1950s.


As scissors they were OK and they still cut paper perfectly well. I think they were designed to be embroidery scissors but I liked the fantastic, elegant shape.

My dad rather acquired these scissors and at some point I must have jokingly griped about it for at my birthday in the same year of 1991 they were returned to me with some good humoured cash for rental.


The odd result is that I never used them since and nor have I used the money. Somehow it seemed I should keep a bit of Dad’s humour. Bless him! Money has never actually been important in our family

On the basis of his payment, it looks as though he has paid a hire charge from 1953. I doubt I bought them quite that early.

I don’t know when the scissors were made. They do not appear to have any makers mark.

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