Coates Mine Engine

There’s a blog I look at frequently at . In a recent post the writer commented that castles didn’t really do it for him, but an old quarry – well that was something special. This set me thinking about what was special to me and of course, there are loads of things but I’ll jump to an old Cornish tin (or indeed copper) mine engine in a dramatic cliff top location. Now that’s something special.

This is Wheal Coates and it is one of my favourites.


It’s near St Agnes on the North Cornwall coast. What an amazing location and to me that bit of old industry – now restored to keep it safe – adds to the scene. I can gaze in awe and wonder at that scene, imagining the incredibly hard life the miners had. Amongst them could have been Joel Trounson who was one of my wife’s 3 greats grandfathers. He was a miner and like all of the miners he had quite a nomadic life. But we reckon he was in St Agnes in 1825 when daughter, Grace, was baptised there. Grace was one of my wife’s 2 greats grandmothers.

The photo above was taken in 2003 but I still found myself drawn to this mine in 2010.


Yes, that mine engine does something for me.


It is simply stunning.


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3 Responses to “Coates Mine Engine”

  1. opobs Says:

    Thanks for the link to my blog, much appreciated.

    Here’s my take on Wheal Coates mine:

  2. locksands Says:

    Thanks for the comment and what a lovely arty photo yours is.

  3. A Cornish Scene | Locksands Life Says:

    […] have met my love of the Cornish mine engines before on this blog – the Coates mine engine is in a dramatic situation right on the […]

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