Downham Market

This is a railway based blog post. OK! Switch off now and get on with your life. Or maybe you’ll stay and share just a little of mine.

Downham Market, in Norfolk, has a station and a signal box. Back in the summer of this year 26 old signal boxes were listed as historic monuments, This means they should be conserved so that future generations can see the way in which trains were managed and controlled in the past. One of the 26 is the one at Downham Market.


I was there, perchance, the other day. I was staying with friends and another friend was arriving by train at the station. I was just pleased to see a signal box that reminded me of my past. I did not know it was one of the listed 26 at the time.

This box dates from 1883. Apparently parts of it are made of wood blocks cut to look like stone. I see no real evidence for this here.

It’s a bit quirky that this signal box may be controlling very new trains racing between London and Kings Lynn at speeds of up to 100mph.

But at Downham Market, the trains stop.


Here’s one approaching the station and below is another, stopped at the platform.


The station dates from the 1840s and is very presentable.


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