Tower Bridge

Yes, I like bridges. But this isn’t the real thing. It’s a model. The model was notionally made by my brother, but I rather imagine my dad had a lot to do with it. It was made of Meccano and the year was 1954.


That’s my brother with the model and he certainly looks proud of it so he must have felt well involved in the making.

The scene was our dining room and I feel I should just say ‘room’ for the front room was rarely used. The dining room had the kitchen range in it so it was warm. Lighting the front room fire was for special occasions only. It looks to me as though the cupboard behind my brother has greenery on it. It must have been at Christmas time. The model was on our table – a tiny affair on which the bridge hardly fitted. My dad had covered the table with lino at that time. Later it got ‘new’ Formica on it and still later it reverted to a wood finish. It still exists in that form.

The bridge was a working model rather than an aesthetically pleasing one. One might say that summed up Dad who did appreciate things for aesthetic reasons, but that tended to be a secondary consideration. The phrase, ‘like father, like son’ comes to mind there.

As a child I never got on with Meccano. Fine motor control was never my forte and I found those nuts and bolts far too fiddling and small. As an adult it presented no problems to me but back in those early 1950s, my efforts with the stuff were limited to say the least.

But the photo brings back happy memories of a brother who died far too young and a father, also deceased.

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