Regular readers of this blog may recall that Father in Law spent some of World War II as a radio operator in the Faroe Islands, midway between the Shetlands and Iceland.

Whilst ships and boats could brave the wild seas of the North Atlantic, there was no aerodrome at which to land even the smallest of planes. However, the lake on the island of Vágar near the little village of Sørvágur provided a smooth landing for sea planes.

Doug, my father in law, snapped this photo of a seaplane ‘landing’ on the lake. I have been told the plane is a Catalina flying boat. Seemingly these aircraft were in military service from 1935 until 1980


Doug captioned the photo in the then more prevalent Danish version of the name.


Our visit came in 2005 when we met a chap called Lars Larson who showed us around the former military areas. This is the lovely Lars.


Behind Lars, who is sitting in his hotel, you can see that the area now sports an airport. When British forces arrived on the island during WW2 they found an area where a landing strip could be built and this is now the Faroese airport. Jet planes can now make it to these wonderful islands and to make the point, one flew over us, coming in to land.


Lars was able to show us many places Doug would have known and used. For example, we’d never have known that this block of masonry was the remains of the forces entertainment area. There is every chance that Doug watched films here.


But Lars also knew what was where on the lake and this was the slipway that Catalinas could be hauled up to get them out of the water.


It is recognisably the same site as in Doug’s photo from 60 years earlier.

One more photo from Doug’s album I can’t match. It is the outlet and waterfall from the lake, straight into the sea.


Again, we have Doug’s caption.


Apparently the winds could be so strong that the falling water got blown back up the waterfall!

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3 Responses to “Sørvágsvatn”

  1. Adrian B Says:

    You are very fortunate to have these pictures ( memories) and thank you for publishing them. I like history and it is a pleasure to read your blog.

    • locksands Says:

      I totally agree. I think I am remarkably lucky. I have a wife and family who mostly understand me and put up with me. What more do you really need?

  2. Janet Says:

    Reblogged this on Janet’s thread.

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