Just look at those aerials!

I should never have chosen to write this. I’m not the world’s best speller (although I’m by no means the worst) but some words cause me to panic when I have to spell them. Aerial is one of them. Perhaps writing this will help to get the spelling into my head.

We bought our present house in 1976. Although it was only built in the 1950s it was very run down. I’m not sure when this photo was taken, but I took it. Obviously it was winter for there is snow about, It couldn’t have been winter 75/76 before we moved in because I note the front door we fitted to replace the rotten thing that didn’t stop weather and wouldn’t have stopped any burglars. But the things that sticks out, to me are the TV aerials.


It’s now quite hard to remember that once upon a time virtually every house sported aerials like these.


Actually, that time was before 1976  when we moved in. The aerials I see in the picture were for the old 405 lines transmissions in black and white only. By 1976 most people had moved on to the 625 lines system and colour. These old aerials were redundant even then.

At some point we had them removed. Bits may well still survive as supports for plants or fences. Other than that we have no external aerial. We are not great telly watchers and we find a little internal aerial and small screen are good enough.

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One Response to “Just look at those aerials!”

  1. Trevor Dance Says:

    I remember when houses had tv aerials like this. In weak reception areas they could be massive, although where I was brought up reception was so strong most people had loft or set top aerials that gave excellent pictures. You could actually see both Crystal Palace (BBC) and Croydon (ITV) transmitter masts, about 10 miles from my house, quite clearly from my back garden. I always think that when modern films are made depicting the UK of the 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s are made the one thing they miss in dressing the outdoor sets appropriately for the era is the lack of the old Band 1 and Band 3 Vhf rooftop tv aerials.

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