The Woody Bay Railway

The Woody Bay Railway is a short section (or was in 2008) of preserved/reconstructed railway in North Devon.

Let’s have a bit of history. The Lynton and Barnstaple Railway opened in 1898. It was a narrow gauge line but built to quite exacting standards. It was hoped it would open up the area it served and, indeed, it did. But it did so at the expense of the shareholders and in 1935 the then owners, The Southern Railway, closed the line.

The line had generated much affection with its handsome steam locos and neat little carriages but all were swept away – lost and gone forever.

Or maybe not forever. The preservation era dawned and eventually, in 2006, about a mile of track was laid from Woody Bay Station. We visited in August 2008.


Station sign and gradient post look to date from the Southern Railway era.



The little loco and carriages are actually nearly brand new.

The train in Woody Bay Station


Old photos of the line look very similar to this view.


The works plate on the loco – built in 2005.


Works plate on an old Lynton and Barnstaple truck.

It’s a lovely little line and plans are to extend it. Should you plan to visit the bay that the station is named for, it is well worth it, but it is more than a mile and a half from the station and the station is about 1000 feet above sea level.

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