The will of Anthony Burnett

Anthony Burnett was a distant relative (actually of my wife).He came from the Ripon area of Yorkshire and was born in 1754.  He was in fact a 6 greats uncle or as the Americans say, a five greats grand uncle. Many wills were made more or less on death beds. This one is dated the First f march seventeen ninety nine. This was twenty years before Anthony died – at Littlethorpe, a village just south of Ripon. Here is the will and a reminder that an enlarged version – big enough to read – can be seen by clicking on the picture.


We can sometimes learn quite a bit from a will. So here we learn that Anthony was a flax dresser by trade, that he had three brothers, Peter, William and Christopher and there sisters, Elizabeth Postell, Ann Walls and Mary Burnett.

The brothers and the married sisters were each to get five pounds and Mary was to get the residue. As probate valued the estate of Anthony at £20, it could be that Mary did badly out of this.

Anthony died in 1819.

Ann Walls, by the way was my wife’s 5 greats grandmother. That means it was a direct ancestor who received the legacy of £5. In today’s terms that is worth anything between about £320 and £16000 depending on how you do your calculations.

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