A very nice glass bottle

I seem to comment quite regularly about things I just do not collect. But even so, I seem to have quite a lot of glass bottles and I do rather like them, although I really don’t need any more.

Here is one I like.


Perhaps the choice of background was wrong for translucent material. The bottle is actually green in colour.

It is embossed with the name of the firm of Cater, Stoffell and Fortt of Bath. It is boldly and strongly embossed in the moulding process which is, perhaps, why I like this one.


Cater Stoffell and Fortt were traders in Bath – I think we might have called them high class grocers. They produced and sold goods to cover every facet of the market. I think this was probably a beer bottle, but they also bottled and sold Bath Spa Water so it just could have contained that.

The company traded until 1970. Having no particular expertise, I can’t date this bottle but I expect it dates from before World War II. Now of course, I hope somebody out there can tell me more.

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