January 2nd – Failed Resolutions

Like many other people, we have been either frantically busy or relaxing with family and friends over the festive period. I knew I’d have no time for blog writing so I got a selection of them ‘stacked up’. Yesterday’s, in which I suggested I might eat less liquorice, was one of them.

Well, I had reckoned without the gifts that come at Christmas. Here we have such an appropriate gift for a liquorice addict. I believe these items were found in a Marlow charity shop. No doubt in this somewhat upper crust Thames side town items like these would be regarded as completely non-you. I tend to think I am non-you anyway and I think these bits of china are great.


We, or do I mean I, have a lovely box (with air tight seal) to store liquorice allsorts in and a hefty mug for a warming drink alongside.

Almost needless to say, the pot arrived with suitable contents, in copious quanitities..

The china box carries a ‘Marks and Spencer’ brand name on the base. The mug does not. What delightful items.

So if eating less liquorice was a kind of resolution – it failed even before January 2nd!


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