Meet the Paul Family

Of course, it was a sad day when my wife’s grandfather, Howard Paul died. His widow promptly left home and went to live with her son. The house was sold and the family goods were shared around. The son had his own wife and child and no space for much stuff and he had to dump things in the shed. The old family photos ended up there, got damp and a bit mouldy. They were put on a bonfire.

Via another branch of the family we got some photos- often not well captioned. This is one of them.


This is a delightful family group. It shows my wife’s great grandparents and their children who survived infancy. We date this photo to about 1904.

Let’s start with the back row which starts on the left with Beatrice Paul – always known as Dolly. Next we have Percy Paul and then their father, Walter Paul… Next is William Cyril Paul (always known as Cyril) and then Howard who was my wife’s grandfather.

In front we have Walter’s wife, Sarah Ann Paul and the youngest child, Edith Lilian Paul.

The family lived at Redruth in Cornwall, but Walter and Sarah Ann had started their married life in Bristol.

Sad to say, the surname Paul has now died out in this line. Percy had one son who was lost in World War II. He was never recorded as anything but missing as far as Percy was concerned and he retained a lifelong hope that his son would walk through the door one day. In fact the son is commemorated on the Commonwealth War Graves site and he is commemorated on the Malta War Memorial which list 2300 Commonwealth aircrew with no known grave.

Cyril and his wife had no children which made Howard’s son the last of the Pauls. He and his wife had a daughter but no sons so that family surname has ended.

Of course, the line goes on under different names. Six great grandchildren of Walter and Sarah Ann survive. There are 11 great great grandchildren and at the moment about half a dozen great great great grandchildren.


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