Three Ladies

Three ladies – but who are they?

This photo is from one of my Grandad’s negatives. If you read regularly you may recall that, despite lack of money, Grandad took photos and had the film developed at a local chemist shop. He then contact printed some photos at home. I do not know if he ever had this one printed for I only know it from the negative.


Now I have no idea who these lovely ladies are and of course a negative provides no information. Other negatives with this one show family members and date from the 1920s and 30s so I guess this dates from that era. Having said this, these three could almost be the gossiping ladies – Norah Batty and co, in BBC TVs long running ‘Last of the Summer Wine’.

It will come as no surprise that fashion doesn’t much interest me but maybe somebody who knows about clothes could give a rough period to the wearing apparel of these three.

My grandparents lived in Bexhill so there is some chance they came from there.

It must be a million to one shot, but does anybody know who the ladies are?


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2 Responses to “Three Ladies”

  1. currentdescendent Says:

    Great hats!

  2. locksands Says:

    Great hats and I’m sure they are three lovely ladies!

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