Jeeves and the Wedding Bells

As a rule I’m not much of a lad for fiction. I have a liking for plain, unadulterated factual information. I am wary of opinions, particularly if people express their opinions as if they are facts.

However, from time to time I need a bit of escaping and for many a year P G Wodehouse has been an author I have turned to. I have quite a collection of Jeeves and Wooster books and of tales from Blandings Castle and many others set in other worlds. What is very clear is that none of them are set in my world. Oh, none of the books are bought new.


For those that don’t know, books by  ‘P. G.’ involve rich people, often what might be called idle rich. They have large country estates as well as commodious London flats. They employ staff in large numbers and generally lead what might be seen as an easy life. I ought to despise them, but I don’t. I love them. Old Pelham Grenville had such a way with words. I see him as a craftsman par excellence.

There are some who think he was a Nazi collaborator during World War II and this thought rather blighted his later life. Whatever the truth (and he was cleared of being a collaborator though described as naïve and foolish) can’t alter the fact that his books are written so well.

That’s a tall order to follow – but Sebastian Faulks has tried in a new Jeeves and Wooster tale, which the author says is a tribute to Mr Wodehouse. I was given this book for Christmas and I have to say, it was amongst the first such gift I read.


I found it good, but not quite up to the standard of the old master. I won’t give away the plot although it’s fair to say it has many of the old Wodehouse formats with people pretending to be other people at a country house and a theatrical performance which doesn’t go 100% to plan.

My judgement is that it is a very good effort. Will there be any more?


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  1. Andre T Says:

    wow, thats nice pics 😀

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