Great Uncle Will

Meet the relative

Writing about Great Uncle Will Ware has come about because his daughter in law sent me this picture at the end of last year.


Maureen is the girl in the middle. She was the daughter of Flo on the left and Will on the right. I estimate the photo as being in the early 1940s.

William Ware was the first child born to my great grandparents who were William Thomas Ware and Sarah Jane Kesby. He was born in 1892 some years before his parents married. There is some suggestion that this caused rifts in the family. Anyway, young Will left home. My uncle wrote of Will, back in October 2002:-

William Ware was born a couple of years before his parents married. After the marriage his father had to legally adopt him. Perhaps relationships were a problem for William ran away to Southampton where he managed to jump a ship bound for Canada. It seems he got a job out there as a lumberjack. He joined the Canadian Army during the First World War, but got injured and was pensioned off. It is possible that he might have married Flo in Norfolk, rather than Tonbridge. However, Will did move back to Kent and laid permanent way in Thanet – perhaps a railway ganger. Later he was on the trams in Margate but he then became an insurance salesman.

Will certainly got to Canada and his Canadian Army attestation papers say he was a lumberjack.


We can see he signed up on October 27th 1915 and gives his job as a lumberjack. Is it significant that he gives his next of kin as his mother rather than his father?

Where photographs have been limited, these attestation papers can give you an idea of the appearance of a person.


From this we know his height and chest size, his complexion, hair colour and eye colour. We know he had a couple of scars but had good health.

None of which mattered a jot when he got to the front and was injured out of service. He returned to England and married Flo in 1917. The marriage did, in fact, take place in Tonbridge in Kent, Will’s home town.

Will and Flo moved to Margate where Will was a tram driver. My grandfather, his brother, used to visit him there, taking the family. Flo, who looks lovely in the photo, was remembered as quite a fierce lady.

Will died in 1949 – I never met him – but was well enough off to leave nearly £2000 to his widow.

Will looks like a lovely man in the photo and I am proud to number a tram driver amongst my relatives.


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