A forgotten gramophone

Both my wife and I have had some involvement with music and we have a cupboard filled with odd or even quite normal instruments. In a recent sort out we even came across a gramophone I had entirely forgotten. It is a Lumar Mechanical Toy Gramophone and I think it dates from the early 1960s. Not only had I forgotten the gramophone, I have no memory of where it came from. But it was there, in the cupboard.


As can be seen, we still have the box it came in. This tells us that the machine came from the stable of Louis Marx and Co in Swansea

Inside is a gramophone in two pieces. One part is the clockwork motor and turntable. The other is the needle carrier, diaphragm and sound arm.


The two parts are designed to slot together very easily.

A key fits down one of the holes in the turntable to allow the motor to be wound.


We have a collection of ten records produced for this machine.


They are a mix of Christmas carols and other popular music for children. Any of the records which carry a date say 1963 so they are over 50 years old. They play at 78 revolutions per minute but look much more like the 45s which were the modern thing back then.

You can click here to hear the machine playing a short extract of ‘Blow the man down’.

My hand appears to press the brake / speed control lever and then put the needle in the groove. After a quick speed adjustment, the music starts.

For those who want to know, the brake lever operates a pad on a James Watt style governor which aims to keep a constant revolving speed even though the motor is running down all the time.

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