The Morning Visitors

It was a cold and frosty January morning, just a few days ago when visitors appeared. Our house just isn’t overlooked and when we built a bathroom in the loft we fitted it with a big, clear glass window. It truly is a window on our world. And when I was carrying out the morning ablutions I looked out of the window and down in the field I could see the unmistakable silhouette of a visitor – a roe deer.

She was at quite a distance but looked to be very aware of my presence. I stole away and got a camera. The deer had not moved.


What a beauty, with ears pricked and listening and eyes alert – both senses, and no doubt that of smell as well ready to pick up the tell-tale signs of danger.

Scanning around, I located her mate. He had got a dark background behind him and in those pre-sunrise moments he was hard to see.


Here he is with a bit of digital jiggery-pokery to make him a bit more obvious.


By the way, my assumptions regarding the gender of these beasts is just that – an assumption. This one was bigger than the other one and that is all I can say.

I know I feel honoured and lucky to be able to see such animals from my bathroom window.


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2 Responses to “The Morning Visitors”

  1. izzwizz Says:

    What beautiful animals.

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