January – Eric Ravilious

I have mentioned Eric Ravilious before on my blog. He was an artist. Before the Second World War he spent some time on the farm – the place my family camped in the 1950s and 60s. A number of his works of art featured places I came to know well. Not surprisingly, his depictions of the familiar became favourite pictures of mine. From that I came to a real appreciation of his style and he became a favourite artist. During World War Two Eric became an official war artist. Sadly a plane he was in crashed in the North Sea near Iceland. Ravilious was killed and his career came to an untimely end.

More recently his work seems to have reached a wider audience. Many books have been published and for 2014 there is a Ravilious Calendar. Before January is out, I thought I’d share the picture for the month – for yes, I was bought a calendar for Christmas 2013.


Eric called this ‘New Year’s Snow’. No specific location is given but I certainly don’t think it is the South Downs. The hills we see are too steep and too angular for the sumptuous curves we get on chalk land.

But it is, without doubt a typical Ravilious water colour. He produced it in 1935.

There could be more of these to come!

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2 Responses to “January – Eric Ravilious”

  1. izzwizz Says:

    I have the same calendar!
    I think you’re probably right about the location although my son and I are walking the South Downs Way at the moment (from time to time at weekends, rather than all in one go) and I am sometimes surprised at how steep those hills are! I will write about it one day.
    I expect you know that there is a good collection of Raviliouses now in the Towner Gallery at Eastbourne? I like his work very much.

    • locksands Says:

      I have never been to the Towner although my sister, who still lives in Sussex has. I really ought to get there.

      Those downs certainly can be steep!

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