A lovely pair of jugs

Apologies to those who might expect to find something akin to a page 3 girl. When I say a lovely pair of jugs I mean just that.

Back in the 60s I wasn’t flush with money. At some point I got a job looking after a couple of local lads, younger than me but well above baby stage, whilst the parents were out. They paid me generously at 7/6 for a short evening. That’s 37½p in present money. By the end of the 60s I was a student and I got an allowance which was generous by present day standards. Tuition fees were paid by a benevolent government. So, too, were accommodation costs. I got £144 per year for personal expenses which had to include course books and materials, stationery, clothes, toiletries etc. It sounds like almost nothing, but actually I lived quite well on it.

I always had the money to be a nerd. I did quite a bit of travel by train and possibly more by bus – less favoured by me but a London Red Bus Rover represented superb value and you could travel to distant places for next to nothing.

As a railway nerd I did want to support preservation railways, particularly the Bluebell Railway. My dad’s Sussex home was quite near that particular line. From time to time I bought items at gift shops – things that might be useful at some stage in life. I bought what I thought was a pretty little Bluebell Railway cream jug. I have no memory of what I paid, but obviously it would not have been much.

Later I visited the Talyllyn narrow gauge line in Wales – and what a glorious line it was and still is. There I espied the same little jug but this time saying, obviously enough, Talyllyn Railway. I decided I’d get that one as well.

And of course I still have them.


Yes, the Bluebell one is a little darker than the Talyllyn one.


These pots were made by New Devon Pottery in Newton Abbot.

Fifty years on they still get used and I still think they are elegant little jugs. Actually, I barely use these jugs for myself. I have never been much bothered by cream. I can take it or leave it so I tend to leave it to others who rave about the stuff. And years ago I gave up milk in tea and coffee. This was not for any supposed medical benefit. It was just that the milk always seemed to be off at my place of work so I stopped using it there and then stopped using it at home as well. I still have milk for I flood my breakfast cereal in the stuff – far too much for a little jug to be used. But these jugs are ideal for two mugs worth of milk in my wife’s tea/coffee so they are in use quite often.


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