Another sleeve from the past

When it comes to my absurdly large collection of old 78rpm records I really like the jazzy dance bands of the 1920s and 30s. Well, I like jazz generally so things earlier and later than that that feature jazz ‘horns’ I tend to go for. But having recently come across this record sleeve, I have to say I think it is absolutely smashing and I think it probably dates originally from the 50s. No doubt an expert in memorabilia would be able to tell me if I’m right.

Certainly I found a picture of the same sleeve (but with a different address) on the net with a London Records 1957 sticker on it.

Here is the sleeve.


The record in the sleeve is more like a 1930 disc. I’m not sure if the ‘Tottenham 1960-61 refers to a phone number or maybe a football season. Wasn’t that a season in which Tottenham Hotspur did the League and Cup double?

I love the line drawings which seem to capture the spirit of the age. Here we have the radiogram and sheet music in use. The other side has different images.


The piano tuner is at work and we have a pair of musicians performing.

I think this sleeve is great fun. I’ve done a post about a book on map cover art. I wonder if there has been anything done on record sleeve art?


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