I live in Wiltshire where the wildlife trust uses the peewit for its logo.


In times past – not so long ago – the peewit, also known as a lapwing or a green plover, was a common site in the village. I can think back to times when I drove to work and fields would be crowded with these beautiful birds. I could just sit and watch the wonderful displays o0f diving and aerobatics as birds tried to impress potential mates. They were perfect as an emblem for my home county.

But now, for me, they are a real rarity – something to get excited about when seen. And seeing them involves leaving Wiltshire.

I think our niece, who we were staying with in Yorkshire last year, was truly surprised at the raptures I went into when I saw peewits up on the moorland, not far from Sheffield.

The scenery was absolutely lovely.


And delightful peewits were on the wing.


It’s a bit random, I find, as to whether you get a decent image of a bird in flight. It is, obviously, a mere instant and the graceful flight can be something a bit odd in that instant.

It’s easier to get a shot of a bird on the ground.


What absolute perfection and what joy and enthusiasm we (my wife and I) were able to pass on to our niece. It must be time we went to stay again!


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