St Michael’s Mount

The floods of the winter of 2013/2014 have caused chaos and misery for many people in the UK. But today we’ll look at one3 community, used to being cut off for the causeway that links their island with the mainland is washed over by the incoming tide twice every day. This is St Michael’s Mount off Marazion in Cornwall.

Here’s the island on a rather grey day. It was May 29th 2011.


And here are people streaming over the causeway. It is wide enough for vans to take goods across.


But having got supplies over to the island, how do you get them up to the top? The answer is, by railway.

A little cable railway can be operated. It runs through a tunnel from the quay up to the big house. Bits of it are visible to passers-by.


There is the solitary wagon. The cable can be seen for hauling it up.


The tunnel entrance.

The system was built in 1912 and since 1920 the power to haul the truck has been electricity. It’s about 200 metres long and rises up to the house. It emphatically was never a passenger railway. People have to walk.

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