Broglie is a village in the north of France. It is 57 kilometres more or less due south of Le Havre and 135 kilometres west of Paris. It is an unremarkable, but delightful little place.

There are buildings in that lovely northern French style – half-timbered with the wood stained a reddish brown.


Take a look at this close up. I love it. The people doing the infill, between the timbers must have had fun.


There is a water mill – always something to enjoy.


On our visit, which was on August 7th 2002, there was a friendly cat who walked the village with us. He’d scamper up trees for a better view.



As a science teacher (well, I may have been doing some of it back then) I was fascinated to find a Nobel Laureate commemorated in a street name. If I have it right it was Louis who came up with the notion that electrons have dual personality. Sometimes they are particles and at other times they are wave energy. I’m not sure whether Louis ever lived at Broglie. He was born in Dieppe.


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