Mafeking Relieved

I know little of the history of the Boer war, that campaign in South Africa between 1899 and 1902. The event that everyone (well, a\ lot of us) have heard of is ‘The Relief of Mafeking’.

The South African town of Mafeking, held by the British, was under siege for over 200 days. Trickery was used to make the surrounding Boers think the town was well defended although in fact the Boers had huge advantages in both manpower and weaponry. On May 17th 1900 the siege was broken in what was deemed a stunning victory for the British side. Celebrations of this event were widespread across Britain.

The school children at Little Horsted School in Sussex celebrated.


The little girl standing 4th from left is my grandmother. There’s a possibility that others on the photo are relatives as well. Ethel Stevens was born in 1892 so she would have been eight. I’m fairly well certain that none of Granny’s siblings are in this photo, but she had a lot of cousins.

It’s good to report that (at least last time I visited) Little Horsted still has a village school.


It certainly does have a school with a lively web site.


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