Uncle Bill and railway track

Uncle Bill is too fresh in the memory to actually appear in this blog – but I think of him often and I still have one habit, pointless since he died. I take photos for him from time to time. Mind you, I still take photos for my dad and it approaches twenty years since he died.

Uncle Bill was a railway engineer. His area of expertise was track. Trains were of very secondary concern to him. It was track that mattered. I think Bill enjoyed my visits because I had some understanding of that favourite topic of conversation of his – railway track. Nerdiness clearly runs in the family!

Back in 2008 – Bill was still with us then – we were in the south of France and we stopped for a breather on a bit of a journey. There was a railway line near us and I snapped a couple of photos for Bill.



I thought (and quite rightly) that Bill would be interested in the chairs and, in particular the fishplates which held rails together.

Now, lest anybody thinks that a bit of old railway track near Lapradelle was a strange thing to take an interest in whilst on holiday in the south of France, I’d better include some other photos from this brief roadside stop to stretch legs and partake of a mug of coffee.


The scenery was delightful with the glorious colours of a mid-April morning.


The road side flora was special as well.


I’m no expert but I think this is a lady orchid.

Not bad for a random roadside stop!


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