Susannah Allen

Meet the Relative

Susannah Allen was my great great aunt. I never knew her nor do I have a photo of her. I bet they existed and I have a hope that maybe a blog post will turn up something. I did know her daughter who was my gran’s cousin.

Susannah was born Susannah Crosby in about 1854 in Butley in Suffolk where she joined quite a large family including my great grandmother, Sarah Ann Crosby. She was at home with her parents in 1861 but in 1871 she was a servant living in Hatton Gardens in London. Mrs Crowe, the householder’s wife came from Blythburgh in Sussex so may have been known to the Crosby family. Susannah’s parents had married in Blythburgh.

In 1881 Susannah drops right off the radar. I just can’t find her on that census and I am left wondering if she went abroad, or if an employer gave her a different name or if she just got missed out.

By 1888 she was in Isfield in Sussex, where two older sisters lived and she married David Allen, the blacksmith. Susannah appears on the 1891 census living at The Forge with Susannah and two daughters. Mary was aged one and Mabel was three months.

In 1901 David Allen had left the smithy and was a general labourer. The family, which now included 6 year old Ellen (the one I knew), lived on The Street in Isfield.

David died in 1905. He’d have been aged about 43 at the time. The death was registered in Brighton which makes me wonder if he might have had TB. There was a sanatorium in Brighton.

In 1911 Susannah was a charwoman living at Isfield with an 8 year old niece called Dorothy Allen.

I like the 1911 census for being written by the householder. With no photo of Susannah, I can at least see her handwriting.


Susannah, ten years older than her late husband lived in Isfield until her death in 1934. My one tangible item for Susannah is a memorial card.


We can see that Susannah was buried in Isfield churchyard.

I knew her youngest daughter, Ellen (known as Nellie). When I knew her in the 1950s and 60s she was married to Reuben Josling. They had no children.


Ellen Josling is on the left next to Reuben, her husband. Next comes my dad and his aunt Nellie from Firle. On the right is my mum.

I never knew, or even knew of Susannah’s older girls. I’d love to hear from any members of their family.


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2 Responses to “Susannah Allen”

  1. chmjr2 Says:

    I hope that you will hear from someone and you will be flooded with pictures. Best of luck.

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