Dad, Grandad and a walking stick

It goes without saying that I never knew Grandad as a young man Photographs show a rather debonair looking chap – certainly a man who liked to keep up appearances. Such reports as were handed down tend to suggest he was a rather frustrated chap who felt life had been spoiled by World War One.  He spent time in France and must have seen awful things. He never spoke about them but the ‘land fit for heroes’ didn’t run to giving him back his pre-war job and he became a cobbler and a family man. My dad was born in 1919.

This picture dates from about 1922 and shows dad and grandad out enjoying the countryside.


The family lived in an urban flat in Bexhill, but Grandad was a countryman at heart and granny was very much a country woman. Don’t get any idea that they felt subservient to their ‘betters’. Oh, they’d have done the correct thing, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t feel as good as anybody else.

The picture shows dad in straw hat and shorts looking, it must be said, a bit pompous. He is holding his dad’s hand and he is well dressed. Maybe his suit is a bit shabby, but the bowler hat looks the part as does the Molucca walking cane he carries.

Now when I knew Grandad he used a walking stick because he had a bad leg. I suspect this stick was an item that was more for show, at a time when Grandad was in his early 30s.

I now have that cane.


Amazingly, more than 90 years on it is still recognisable and still has the little bit of silver decoration on the handle


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