Firle Dock again

Firle Dock – we have looked at it before – is a muddy roadway in Firle. It has been attractive and rural enough to appear in postcards and photos just about since these items were first available. Here is one such postcard.


The house on the right, beyond the high wall was a pair of semi-detached cottages. The second one was the home of my Great Aunt Eliza, her husband, Will and a collection of children.

It was Eliza who sent this card in 1907.


Eliza has done something quite common at the time. She has written the message in a different orientation from the address to make it that bit harder for the postman to read.

The card was sent to my grandmother – Miss E Stevens who was in service at Saxon Court. Eliza had married in 1906 so was no longer a maid in service.

Let’s rotate the message.


Dear E

Hope you are well as it leaves us all the same. I have sent you a postcard of our house where we are going to live soon. The boy went to Eastbourne on Friday. The boy wants you to come over to see him soon. From your sister E’


You may notice that I have altered Eliza’s spelling in a few places.

The boy was Ernest. He was Eliza’s son, born in 1903. I don’t know and Ernest didn’t know who his father was. But we believe my gran did quite a lot of caring before Eliza married and could manage her first son as well. One imagines it was quite tough for Eliza.


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