Any Old Iron?

This is about coastal junk – it might be deemed litter on a big scale. Users of the sea and the coastal zone have great belief, or so it seems, in the cleansing power of the oceans. They leave all sorts for the waves to wash over and slowly wear, rot, or rust away.

Some of us find this junk can be strangely attractive and it can provide us with food for thought. Take these girders that are in Bembridge Harbour on the Isle of Wight.


Now these won’t be most people’s idea of ‘pretty’ but they fascinate me. Just why was this collection of steel joists dumped here. Somebody paid a considerable sum of money for them, yet here they are, doing nothing except slowly rusting as the salty water washes over them.

As seaside places go, Bembridge Harbour is very sheltered. It faces more or less east and is almost an inland lake.


There won’t be much in the way of heavy seas to wear away these girders. Perhaps somebody planned a new jetty, got the materials and then never did the job. The harbour is a spot for pleasure boats of all sorts.


But however peculiar it may seem, I find those girders attractive.



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2 Responses to “Any Old Iron?”

  1. Derek Brown Says:

    Possibly gridiron blocks put out when the tide is out for boats to float over and sit on to be repaired, hope this helps.

    • locksands Says:

      Thanks. I’m pleased to hear they might be useful. To me, a non-boater, it just looked like dumped iron.

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