False Colours

This proves I am not really a railway nerd. If I was then I’d object to the image I’m about to show. But do you know? I don’t mind it at all.

Let’s look at the photo.


This was taken on a recent visit to the Bluebell Railway which chanced to be a gala day with four different trains running. This one was being hauled by two different former Great Western Railway locos. The second one was in good old GWR livery. The front one is the one in wrong colours. It’s pretending to be a London Underground engine and has been painted in the old London Underground livery and given a suitable number for that task of L150.

In the 1960s London Underground did purchase some former GWR engines. They were useful for shunting trains in sheds where people work. The normal power source of conductor rails is dangerous in those circumstances. But the engines the Underground purchased were not like this one.

However, when the Underground celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2013 this loco was chosen to operate some special trains on the Underground system. Some call it a work of fiction, for such a loco never worked ‘real’ trains on these lines. But then, one could say, this one has now.

I don’t like the colour as much as the GWR green, but I see no harm in a loco getting a paint job for a special occasion. And then it might as well keep that paint until it needs re-doing.


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