At Cenarth

Back in 1983 – 31 years ago – we hired a little wooden chalet near Cenarth in south west wales for a week. It was, we recall, absurdly cheap and we rather relied on good weather to keep us tolerably warm. Our children would have been about 6 and 3 at the time.

Here’s the three year old sitting in the bridge at Cenarth.


Those (for there was one at each arch end) holes were tailor made for enjoying by a little one. The older one could enjoy the rocks in the river Teifi and we could all enjoy watching the water rushing downhill as it made its way towards Cardigan and the sea.

But here we’ll have a human story – one that brings a smile to us now, all those years on.

We were in the little chalet. The children were in bed, but not asleep when this sentence was heard through the paper thin walls as older child deemed it time to educate the younger one.

‘Strange things will happen to you when you are a teenager.’

We listened agog for what would come next.  It seemed that our older child was aware that a pause would build up the tension. Eventually it came.

‘You’ll wear black leather clothes and dye your hair purple.’

In the event, I’m not sure either ever happened!

I wonder what little gems our grandchildren will pass on to their parents.

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