Men an Tol

Men an Tol is, literally, a stone circle. It is in west Cornwall in one of those locations that might get described as the middle of nowhere.


That red dot marks the place.

We must have known about it when we went to Cornwall back in 1972. It isn’t a place you just come across. But it is a delightful stone circle.


There are a couple of standing stones as well. Archaeological evidence suggests that these were moved in fairly recent times. Let’s see the whole alignment in 2003.


But what a great stone this is, with all sorts of folklore attached to it. Women who crawl through the hole seven times, backwards, when the moon is full are supposed to get pregnant soon after.

It is also said to cure rickets in children.

I love this wild part of Cornwall. There always seems to be something to see. And if you avoid Land’s End it is easy to get away from crowds.




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