On Vagar – 1945/2005

Vagar is one of the islands that make up the Faroes. Back in 1945 the main language was Danish and so the island was called Vaagö but neither helps much with pronunciation which we believe is more like Waah.

My father in law spent time there as a member of the RAF in World War Two and one of the photos we have shows him with colleagues outside the ‘ops block and w/t. I think w/t was probably wireless transmitter for that was what Doug worked with.


That’s a montage from Doug’s album and he has named all of the men which I’ll transcribe below, just in case anybody searches for the names.

In the back row from left to right we have Sgt. Stan Quinn, Jock Bole, Johnny Lucas, Cliff (believed to be Cliff Melson), Alf Wilson and Sgt. Fluskey (cyphers).

The middle row has Johnny Walker, Bill Weston, Cas Mirfield and Bob Dearle

In the front row we start with Taf, ? which means Doug Fisher, my father in law, Charlie Tinsley, Brian Cuthbert, Ernie Roberts and Ted Webb.

Now we move on 60 years to 2005 when we were shown around this area by an expert (Lars Larsen)who knew what was where during the war. So here are the current occupants of the area around that ops. block.


These look to be real dairy cows – a rarity on these wonderful barren islands.


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