We recently had the pleasure of a family wedding which took place quite near Hull in East Yorkshire. We stayed at Nordham Cottages – which I can 100% commend and spent a week enjoying this unknown part (to us) of our country.

An early trip, whilst other members of the family were still about, was to the cliffs at Bempton. We did this on a day which was a bit off for weather with mists and drizzle but we were still able to enjoy spectacular scenery.


But we were there for the bird life – something Bempton abounds in.


That’s a razorbill enjoying a perch.

But it was gannets that stole the show. I believe Bempton has the only mainland gannetry in Britain. There were masses of these big, big birds, but I’ll concentrate on two of them.


These two were enjoying a peaceful sleep with their heads tucked under their wings.

But they soon woke up.


These birds are about a metre long and the wing span is up to two metres. They can weigh more than 3.5 kilograms so in terms of size they are almost on a par with the golden eagle. They really are big, big birds.

But they are gentle and caring with their mates.



Truly magnificent birds.


I did take a film of these two together which you can see here.


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