The Spurn Railway

On that recent trip to East Yorkshire we walked out on the spurn spit. I was surprised in a couple of points to see the remains of a railway.


What we see here are railway tracks clearly making their way out towards the distant lighthouse which is visible in the top right of the picture. The two lengths of rail we see were the inner rails of the up and down lines and have what railmen call ‘the six foot’ between them.

There weren’t many people out on this strange spit of land but those that were there were universally friendly. We had a good chat with one bloke who’d been out digging lug worms. He knew something about the line and told us of steam locos, a converted Italian car and even a trolley with a sail used on the line. He went on to talk of the community down at the end and even of the Spurn school. This was all unexpected knowledge.

It had me turning to the web to find more. There is an excellent site at with pictures of carriages and various locos.

I try to avoid too much repetition on the web. I never quite see the point of re-blogging although I am touched when people re-blog my pages. But I am going to borrow a photo or two from that site.

This shows people boarding a train in 1931. Platform facilities seem rather limited.


And here we have a sail bogie at Spurn Head in 1933.


For further reading try this article from the Hull Daily Mail





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