Prepare yopurself for a gripe and a moan. My parents got poly-photos done of my sister and my brother but as for little me – no!

I don’t really gripe. I was a third child and money was very tight. I do not know how much it cost to get a sheet of poly-photos.

The idea was simple. Get the subject in a chair and click away with the camera. At the end of the session print off  forty little square photos – all different, on one large sheet. What a great record of a person on one day in their life.

Here we see half a sheet and they are of my brother when he was just nine months old.


Let’s pick on a couple of them.


The photographer clearly had items to attract the interest of a baby.


As regular readers will know, my brother died young, but memories last – not that I actually remember this occasion for I was yet to arrive in the world.



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