The Lost Village

Well this one, Wharram Percy, isn’t strictly lost for we know where it is!

Populations come and go, often for economic reasons. Back in medieval times Wharram Percy was, no doubt, a comfortable village to live in. But times change and where once there were houses and busy villagers, now there are cows and a few visitors.


The cows are walking along the main road through Wharram Percy. Many of the houses were at the top of the slope where humps and bumps suggest the outlines of buildings. The archaeologists worked on the site for 40 years so it is well understood.

Wharram Percy is in Yorkshire a few miles south east of Malton/Norton. It is in the Wolds and really in quite an isolated spot. The last families left the village in around 1500 leaving a church to decay. Some farmworkers’ cottages were built in the 18th century.

The ruins of the church still stand.



The cottages have gained a sign from a nearby railway station which closed in the 1950s.


Even after the demise of village and church, people requested to be buried. Here’s one of the graves.


What more could you want for genealogy – a birth year, a death year and a name of Dewsbury Megginson. It’s so unusual a name and dead easy to find out more about him and his family. He was a farmer in quite a big way, in fact.

It’s a short walk from any road to Wharram Percy, but the lovely countryside makes it well worth it.


Photos taken in April 2014.


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