Alas – Smith and Jones.

If there are two surnames that are going to make family history difficult, they are Smith and Jones. Both are very common names so sorting out just which ones belong in a family can be very tough.

I had a granny who had Jones as a maiden name and today we are looking at one of her brothers, Stanley.

Stanley was born in Hildenborough which is just outside Tonbridge in Kent. His father was Robert Jones, my great grandfather and his mother was Ada (née) Allman. Robert and Ada came from Cheshire and they hadn’t long moved to Kent when Stan was born.

Ada died when Stan was just seven and his little sister, Lily was just four so we can imagine Robert had quite a hard time coping.

The family ended up widely dispersed but Stanley stayed in and around Tonbridge. In 1936 he married Rosetta daisy (and you’ve guessed it) Smith. She was known as Rose.


This couple had one son born in 1939. His full name was William Robert Jones, known as Bobby.


Sadly, Bobby died, aged just nine months old.

Stan died in 1977 – a great uncle I never knew.

Rose died in 1994 – registered in the Tunbridge Wells district of Kent. I never knew her either,


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